Padres 2010

Okay, so the 2008 and 2009 seasons were not
much to write about but I continued my faithful attendance to
watch some pretty boring baseball. But I don’t complain, many
other people don’t have a local team to root for and we are
fortunate to have a new owner who, I believe, does want to
have a championship in the near future. So this promises to
be the beginning of better things and I love our young team.
As a full season subscriber I will be posting a lot of
impressions this year. It will serve as my baseball diary and
anyone else is welcome too.

About the bullpen

Currently the boys seem to be experiencing a
bullpen hiccup. As is well documented, April is not Trevor’s
best in recent years. Heath Bell has less velocity on his
fastball this season, Cla Meredith can’t seem to be effective
past one inning, Will Ledezma is inconsistent, ditto
Thatcher. And Glendon Rusch, who was supposed to be the long
relief guy, gives up hits and runs every time he goes out
there. What do I do if I am Balsley and Black? Celebrate the
health of KCam, call up Shawn Estes as long relief (he is
doing well in AAA), don’t pitch Cla more than one inning
unless the game is out of reach and get rid of either Rusch
or Ledezma. The team can’t afford having ineffective pitchers
hanging around doing nothing. Either that or arrange a trade.
KT is a miracle worker but considering the season is young it
isn’t likely he would get much in return for any of those
guys. Patience is a virtue and I am used to waiting for the
Padres to start playing baseball in May. But the bullpen is
supposed to be a strength, right?

Padres Profiles

So they know how to hit singles! Now if
Wally can get them to hit the gaps we are in business.
Everyone says chicks love the longball. True, be we also love
singles, doubles and triples. If you hit a few of those there
will be less stress put on our currently sluggish bullpen
numbers. All true Padre fans hate the Dodgers. BEAT